Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Glass half full

There are a lot of things to be disappointed about regarding Pakatan Harapan. Many things they promised have not been fulfilled and some policies are downright BN-ish. At the same time we have to acknowledge some good things.

Certain appointments, especially that of Elections Commission Chairman, the Attorney General, the MACC Chief and the Chief Justice all seem to be good choices.

The government and the ministers are generally perceived to be cleaner. The government also seems to be more responsive to criticism and feedback from the public compared to BN (granted, this is a very low bar, using BN as a benchmark).

On the whole, we are much, much better off now than we were before GE14. But of course we want more. We want things to be even better. Unfortunately, many of the reforms we are looking for may have to wait until there is a change in PM because the current one is not about reform. Let's just hope there's a smooth transition in a year or two.

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