Saturday, June 27, 2020

It's not Warisan Plus but Harapan Plus

Growing support for third PM candidate in Harapan Plus

That headline above is misleading. If you just read the headline, you might assume that DAP, Amanah and maybe even PKR leaders are supportive of this. Actually it's Warisan people and Dr M's people who are supportive. So, it's basically the "Plus" side that wants this. Not the Harapan side.

It's ridiculous to even moot Shafie's name as a PM candidate. Warisan has never pledged commitment to Harapan. Their commitment is to Dr M. Why should he even be in consideration as Harapan Plus's candidate for PM?

In that same article, a Bersatu source is quoted as saying: "If they do not agree, then we have to go against each other in the election."

That's precisely what PKR and Harapan should prepare for. They can't go into GE15 assuming that Dr M's faction and Warisan are allies. They have to be ready to field candidates in all the seats that Perikatan is fielding, regardless of whether Bersatu or Warisan are fielding candidates there too.

I've long said, Harapan needs to win GE15 without the Plus. Only then will it be a stable government.

After the election is over, and with a solid victory in hand, if the Plus side wants to support the government, fine. They can. But Harapan will be welcoming them from a position of strength and will not be subject to the whims and fancies of any kingmakers.

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