Sunday, November 04, 2018

MCA votes for no change

So Wee Ka Siong is the MCA president. Basically no change. Continue to kowtow to UMNO despite the fact that UMNO actually has no power now.

MCA's only hope for any sort of revamp would have been to vote in Gan Ping Sieu as president. But its members chose to have more of the same. Well, they get the president they deserve.

I can picture Nazri Aziz shouting: "Battered wives!" as he laughs at the MCA presidential results.

Monday, October 29, 2018

MCA's only chance

If MCA wants any chance of revival, it needs to vote in Gan Ping Sieu who understands the Chinese people's revulsion for UMNO.

This is something the likes of Wee Ka Siong and Liow Tiong Lai remarkably fail to grasp. They don't seem to know that the No. 1 reason the Chinese deserted MCA en masse was that they viewed MCA to be UMNO's lapdog.

Had they understood this, they would have threatened to leave BN back at a time when it would have mattered. Now, when MCA is all but decimated (and so is UMNO) it doesn't matter one bit whether MCA stays or leaves. BN is doomed.

But prior to each election, MCA's potential power within BN was actually disproportionate to how many MPs it had. It potentially had a lot more power than it realized or dare to speculate about. Actually if MCA, Gerakan and MIC could have acted as one block, their power would have been tremendous for it was they who gave BN the semblance of a multiracial coalition. Never mind that BN is for all intents and purpose a totally-UMNO controlled entity. The fact that MCA, Gerakan and MIC was in it gave it some veneer of multi-racialism.

Now, imagine if UMNO had gone too far (which it often did), and that block (MCA/Gerakan/MIC) stood up to UMNO and said, that's it, you've gone too far. We are outta here!

I guarantee you the top leaders in UMNO would be scrambling to try to find a face-saving way for this block to stay in the coalition, especially ahead of an election. Not because they love MCA or Gerakan or MIC but because they need them.

Now, when everything is lost and UMNO is already down in the dumps, MCA/Gerakan/MIC have zero leverage. You want to take away their cover as part of a multi-racial coalition go right ahead. I'm sure UMNO won't mind a new coalition emerging where it's UMNO and PAS plus a few irrelevant Indian parties.. MCA wants out? I'm sure UMNO would be delighted.

Wee Ka Siong and Liow Tiong Lai are clueless about this. But Gan knows where it's at. That's why real change in MCA can only happen if Gan is elected president.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

This is the reason we need Dr M for these two years

He's the man!

One by one, more BN leaders will be hauled to court
, says Dr M

That headline alone tells you everything you need to know about why we crucially need Dr M at the helm for the next two years.

Anwar might be more forgiving but that is not what the public wants or needs. We want all the crooks who embezzled public funds to be prosecuted for their crimes.

This must be done. And Dr M is the guy who will see it through. Yes, there's a lot for him to do and achieve in these next two years but chief among his tasks is prosecuting corrupt government officials.